Chairman Message

The rise of Saudi Arabia as the global leader of Oil and Gas supplies to the world was the result of meticulous plan. Subsequent to this led to the creation of an entity “SAUDI ARAMCO”. The success of the development and growth of SAUDI ARAMCO, worked as catalyst in the formation of value added Petro-chemical Industries of SABIC. The rise of SABIC as one of the world’s most successful giants of the industry further proved the successful business ethics as a hallmark of Saudi Industrial character.

The realization by the Government that the vast potential in Saudi Arabia is not merely oil and gas but to many valuable minerals and metals as well, prompted the formation of MA’ADEN, the Saudi Arabian Mining Company.

The decision of the Government to allow access to private sector to participate in Mining Industry has given the stimulus to Jubran Holding to enter into this field.

As a result of evolution in the investment climate in Saudi Arabia, Jubran Holding has now concentrated on an investment drive in diversified areas for growth. Some of them are exploration & development of its own mines, and beneficiation of the mined concentrates to convert into end products. With these goals in mind, Jubran Holding has engaged in acquiring world class technology partners and formation of appropriate Saudi vehicles to make them into reality.

Jubran Holding can be the ideal partner for those looking for profitable investment into the Minerals & Beneficiation and select Petrochemical Industries. Jubran Holding aims to be the leading and reliable organization with high quality products made from facilities operated with skilled staff, well trained engineers, good manufacturing practice, awareness for global environmental and safety expectation of today. The facilities of Jubran Holding will fulfill the needs of the mining and other industrial organizations in the Gulf in particular, and International markets in general.